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In a rut

Tangled woods lay about the neighborhood where I grew up. They were laced by foot trails and fire roads but between those places were deadfalls of pine trees, thickets of manzanita and deep brush. It was an excellent place to … Continue reading

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I don’t talk to machines

No sane, rational sentient human tries to hold a conversation with inanimate objects. I’m not talking about the occasional times when you grunt “Take that!” as you wrest a sticking gate from its latch, or murmur “Good job” as you … Continue reading

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Of course it’s your fault – you only have two wheels

I posted a rebuttal to the web site for a TV show called “Right This Minute”. Mindless drivel,  but it comes on right after the morning news ends and all the programming alternatives at that time are worse. That alone … Continue reading

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