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At the bottom of the world

The world still orbits the Sun, and its axis holds steady at 23.5 degrees from the plane of its spin. Those celestial movements operate on principles that have been constant for tens of thousands of years. Gravity introduces perturbations in … Continue reading

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Primitive culture

The title of this post makes absolutely no sense at first reading, and likely will not after, but I’m not disposed to explain it. It suits for now and maybe you’ll discern some part of it. After all, I’m not … Continue reading

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The internet, airwaves and magazine racks are full of advice on how to take a vacation and disconnect from the job. So I thought I’d add my own to the noise.   Take the scene below: Add yourself to a … Continue reading

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I want to ride my biSICKul

(re-edited September 2014) If you don’t get the title then listen to some early Queen. Or not. I know it has been a long time between posts. Much has happened and with each passing event I thought it best to … Continue reading

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Destruction in the Desert

The American Southwest is a big place. One of my traveling companions said even though we live on the West Coast, we don’t live in the West. The other, who hails from Wisconsin, said we are Barbary Coast.  That fits … Continue reading

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Azure skies

In a previous life I lived in and worked for Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Thousands of people visited Big Sur every month during the summer, but I think most of them didn’t know why they were visiting. They have … Continue reading

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