Through the cut

My last post was nearly three years ago, Allowing that much time to pass was not intentional, but the same can be said of many things we overlook. One thing I’ve learned is that the simple sincere declaration of “I forgot” is all the explanation necessary. It doesn’t erase the consequences, of course. Reparations may still need to be made.

Many things happen in that space of time, and much can change. This is obvious, but in the wake of a pandemic it carries more momentum than at other times. The things that happen have motion; each motion has mass; mass is subject to gravity, and that gravity pulls bodies along in directions the body was already trending in the first place. Like objects in space, some are flung out of their- orbits, some accrete to other bodies and some collide, spinning off into a new direction or disintegrating on impact. It is the way of the universe.

Where is this going? Difficult to say. I returned to a favorite daily blogger, The Sole Proprietor, for inspiration and found that not only were their posts no longer on the regular, but that they had changed locale entirely. Things change. You hang on to what you can, but inevitably gravity wins.

This view is from Highland Bridge. I placed a bid on a condo that was on one side of the bridge and really wanted it. But, as so often happened, I was outbid. It had this view, although a few degrees off and 30 feet higher.

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