Of course it’s your fault – you only have two wheels

I posted a rebuttal to the web site for a TV show called “Right This Minute”. Mindless drivel,  but it comes on right after the morning news ends and all the programming alternatives at that time are worse. That alone is a good reason for turning TV off. However, the morning’s show contained a piece that got me agitated enough to send the following note as feedback to the producers. If you’re really interested in the “original” material, you’ll find it somewhere at http://www.rightthisminute.com


To the producers of “Right This Minute”:

I  just saw your Monday April 2nd segment and wanted to comment on the video in which the motorcycle was rear-ended was a car. I realize this show is intended to be light and fluffy fare, but the comments by two of your hosts displayed a disturbing lack of critical thinking. The first was the introductory remark “This is why I hate motorcycles.” Really? Because they attract negligent drivers who rear-end them? Because they impair depth perception for drivers who can’t see a motorcycle between themselves and another car?  Or does the sight of shattered glass and plastic on a roadway make this host think that a motorcycle had to be involved in some fashion?  But worse was the next host’s comment that the motorcyclist was at fault “for not looking in the mirror”. It’s fairly obvious from the video that the motorcyclist was braking to stop ahead of a vehicle that for unknown reasons came to a stop in the middle lane of three lanes of traffic. At least one car can be seen passing an adjacent lane at this moment, meaning the rider did in fact check to see whether he could make a safe lane change and likely found he could not. He did however have enough of a defensible space to come to a safe stop. Looking in his mirror probably gave just enough time to see he was about to be impacted. From my 40 years of experience riding, racing and teaching others to ride motorcycles, the evidence presented doesn’t show how a presumption of fault can lie with rider because he didn’t check the mirrors in this situation, and to state so on a syndicated show like this is a serious affront to both motorcyclists and car drivers everywhere.


I’d post a picture, but I don’t want to run afoul of any copyrights. Besides, I don’t want to promote purveyors of  mindless drivel any more than necessary.

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