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Through the cut

My last post was nearly three years ago, Allowing that much time to pass was not intentional, but the same can be said of many things we overlook. One thing I’ve learned is that the simple sincere declaration of “I … Continue reading

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At the bottom of the world

The world still orbits the Sun, and its axis holds steady at 23.5 degrees from the plane of its spin. Those celestial movements operate on principles that have been constant for tens of thousands of years. Gravity introduces perturbations in … Continue reading

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16 Parkside Lane

From the kitchen peninsula, standing over the second sink in the granite countertop, she could see the crescent moon through the row of skylights in the family room, cocked high in the mid-evening sky. It had cost a bit extra … Continue reading

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Rash actions

The stress of waiting can drive men, and women mad. The echoing of a wall clock’s tock with no tick, the lurking immediacy of tasks with no due date and the paralyzing solitude of a starting line crowd in a … Continue reading

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Primitive culture

The title of this post makes absolutely no sense at first reading, and likely will not after, but I’m not disposed to explain it. It suits for now and maybe you’ll discern some part of it. After all, I’m not … Continue reading

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I decided to go Marie Kondo on the stuff in my garage. Last week I filled the recycling bin with old newspapers and other material, and this week it looks like I’ll do the same. Somehow it became easier once … Continue reading

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Street level

Ever since I moved to San Francisco some 40 years ago, people were living on the streets. Hippies, bums, panhandlers or just plain street people, what you called them depended on your point of reference. Most of the ones I … Continue reading

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If you build it

There’s no point in trying to compare the past with the present when it comes to construction activity in the Financial District South. The fact that it is even called Financial District South speaks to the situation.  I saw the … Continue reading

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Change is coming

I’ve had many ideas to post but not acted on anything for a few months. Even now I’ve dithered writing this while looking back through images that were meant to be illustrated, but never authored. I can’t say why – … Continue reading

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The internet, airwaves and magazine racks are full of advice on how to take a vacation and disconnect from the job. So I thought I’d add my own to the noise.   Take the scene below: Add yourself to a … Continue reading

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