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Street level

Ever since I moved to San Francisco some 40 years ago, people were living on the streets. Hippies, bums, panhandlers or just plain street people, what you called them depended on your point of reference. Most of the ones I … Continue reading

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If you build it

There’s no point in trying to compare the past with the present when it comes to construction activity in the Financial District South. The fact that it is even called Financial District South speaks to the situation.  I saw the … Continue reading

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I’ve had many ideas to post but not acted on anything for a few months. Even now I’ve dithered writing this while looking back through images that were meant to be illustrated, but never authored. I can’t say why – … Continue reading

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The internet, airwaves and magazine racks are full of advice on how to take a vacation and disconnect from the job. So I thought I’d add my own to the noise.   Take the scene below: Add yourself to a … Continue reading

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Small town, big sky

Well, I was born in a small town. And before you rip me for ripping Mellencamp, know that I wasn’t even thinking of him when I had the idea for this post. But digging even deeper, were you yourself born … Continue reading

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upgrade part II

just a short post. Getting the front fan cage out was more difficult than I thought it would be. I left it kind of resting on the motherboard after loosening the screws. I knew better and of course, karma hit … Continue reading

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Time to upgrade

I’m upgrading my 2006 Mac Pro. I’ve been talking about trying to hack it to get from Mountain Lion to Mavericks since early last year, and switched my fuzzy focus to going to Yosemite. But other than making bootable USBs … Continue reading

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How MacWorld changed my life

Lying on the floor at my feet is a blue nylon bag with an imprinted logo reading “square jellyfish”. Inside are a collection of brochures I picked up at the 2014  San Francisco MacWorld conference. At the time it had … Continue reading

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And then came the rain

A storm last week brought much needed rain to drought-ravaged California, but also caused havoc across the region. Urban floodwaters cascaded down San Francisco’s sloping neighborhoods and pooled around city streets. Several sinkholes opened up around the city while commuters … Continue reading

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Ilse Crawford

With attributions to the Wall Street Journal, who profiled this designer in their weekend edition of November 1-2: The quickest way to make your home relaxing is to turn down the lights and open a few bottles of wine. The … Continue reading

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