Ilse Crawford

With attributions to the Wall Street Journal, who profiled this designer in their weekend edition of November 1-2:

The quickest way to make your home relaxing is to turn down the lights and open a few bottles of wine.

The dimmer switch is the most important design object there is.


Dimmer by Leviton, styling by Decora

Dimmers cost a little more than on-off switches, but they add much more value to a house over time. And immeasurable value to your ability to control light in your home. But this post isn’t so much about dimmers or even wine. It just illustrates something good to do after nine hours of conference calls, shared screen sessions and Microsoft Office documents.


Who was it that said water is for bathing and wine is for drinking?

I also went for a run. I signed out of my Lync session about four ‘o clock. Here on the U.S. West coast we observe daylight savings time, and it was nearly 4:30 when I finally hit the street. I carried a small flexible bicycle light looped into my water bottle. My route is all inclines and declines except for the two blocks leading from my front door.

It runs from Mission Terrace up into Glen Park, along Chenery and into the back side of Noe Valley. Technically, that back side is still Glen Park and was once a dairy farm. When I was a City Guide, I worked on a project with a woman whose family once worked that land. Now the only hint of its past is Mitchell’s Ice Cream.

The run was relaxing despite the traffic, the increasing gloom of dusk and the impatient drivers. I worked out a little upon returning home, and then actually logged on and went back to work, wanting to hit a checkpoint before calling in a night. Once done, I finally cracked open a bottle.

Okay, all for now. Sleepy.


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