I want to ride my biSICKul

(re-edited September 2014)

If you don’t get the title then listen to some early Queen. Or not.

I know it has been a long time between posts. Much has happened and with each passing event I thought it best to let things percolate before setting finger to keyboard. In reality, events happened in such rapid-fire sequence there has barely been time to process them, much less relate them.

The best stories are told by those have created their own. Everything else is pretty much instructions on how to do something. But talk is cheap and time is not. “If you knew Time as well as I do” said the Mad Hatter, ” . . . you wouldn’t talk about wasting it. It’s him.”

Of course, there are always exceptions. My point is, get your stories from people who have been there and done that.  You’ll get useful instructions and more often than not good entertainment.

I’m not applying that to me, because a) I am the worst damn storyteller on the face of the planet and b) I pretty much do read the fine manual in most situations and then get righteously pissed when those instructions are incorrect or missing a piece of information.  I have no patience for bad documentation.

One thing I do know: if you want to create a good story but can’t figure a way to do it, ask someone to figure it out for you and then follow through.  Your truly great stories all usually start with an impetuous act. For instance, the brother who, while enjoying a leisurely lunch with his family, issued a loud challenge across the room to a Klingon character actor at a Star Trek exhibit in Las Vegas – in Klingon. The response was also in character – but I digress. I said I was not a good storyteller.

My next series of posts will be from an experience in which I talked a friend into joining the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa – RAGBRAI. The current limitations of this medium mean the story will be here and the pictures mostly on Flickr. The pics will be public, so you should not miss any of the seven stages that made up this event.


Did we miss anything?

Everything you may have heard about RAGBRAI is true. What you may not have heard is the people who organize it and those who support the riders along the way know how to take care of people. You just need to show up ready to ride. And camp. And eat.

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