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How MacWorld changed my life

Lying on the floor at my feet is a blue nylon bag with an imprinted logo reading “square jellyfish”. Inside are a collection of brochures I picked up at the 2014  San Francisco MacWorld conference. At the time it had … Continue reading

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When we look up, we don’t really see the sky. We’ll look at say, a plane, or the clouds. But it’s typically only dizzy kids or lovers lying head-a-head in a grassy park who look only at the sky, the … Continue reading

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The ride begins…

A sunny day, warm temps, live music and a friendly pre-Labor Day crowd. Nice close to a long day.

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Morning commute

Some mornings I wake up and hear the traffic reports and just know it will be better to walk, work from home or call in sick. Today that is not an option, as I have dinner plans in Japantown. But … Continue reading

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Walking through Foodie Gulch

It isn’t often you witness a neighborhood evolve before your eyes without the benefit of a cataclysm to put it into motion. Tornadoes, earthquakes or floods change the landscape so rapidly that evolution is thrust upon the residents, be they … Continue reading

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