Dad Day

Happy Father’s Day to all. Most of the dads I know whose kids have left to start their own had other business to attend to today. My task list included 4 loads of laundry, enough yard trimmings to fill my green bin, cleaning the kitchen, watering all the plants front and back including 15 gallons of drip for the treeĀ  and caging my tomatoes.

At some point I decided to take a cue from a card given me by my brother’s family and the text from my nieces, and do something that wasn’t a chore. I called Cathead’s BBQ, a joint that opened in the space formerly occupied by Big Nate’s. I’ve been meaning to try it for some months, and placed an order.

Pulled pork, St. Louis ribs, baked beans and a Cathead biscuit.

Like the man says, killer.

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1 Response to Dad Day

  1. Angelina says:

    Now that’s the way to end the day. Yummo!

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