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According to City-data.com, there are about 1500 full-service restaurants in San Francisco. The last listing I found of active permits to serve food in fixed locations in San Francisco numbered 3500. This is little down from ten years ago, but it will still take nine and a half years to eat your way through them every day. My friend John G. and I sampled Bullhead this past weekend, an eclectic establishment in West Portal where old and new restaurants line the tracked street. West Portal borders St. Francis Wood and Forest Hill, both tony neighborhoods. A lot of history is tucked away on this side of the city, but for right now I’ll stop with a picture.


Yes, we'd like fries with that. And Sapporos.

There’s something for everyone in West Portal – banks, toy stores, bakeries. Three streetcar lines. A Starbucks that always – always! – has a cop stopping in for coffee. Quick access to 280, a straight shot to the beach, lots of trees, and Mediterreanean views. Hidden treasures include Stern Grove and a big Safeway on Taraval.

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  1. JohnG says:

    Best buffalo burger I ever ate. I’ve had buffalo before but, this one I will remember. Chuck had the Hawaiian and I ruined the healthy leaness by getting the bacon avacado. Flavorful.

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