First gear

When I started this blog, I actually went through the little routine suggested by WordPress to determine the content of the blog.  Even though it irked me a bit, for some perverse reason I like questionnaires. And I had a feeling doing it would help synthesize my thinking, which has been very scattershot the past month.

If you’ve done it, you’ll know it’s intended to help you develop a theme that will help decide the tone of your blog. This is the third or fourth one I’ve kept over the past ten years, but most were for rants in general. This time, the exercise pointed to a specific rant. Specifically,  the exercise was distilled down to a set of keywords, listed in succession until a theme emerged. In my case, the surviving keywords were:




My car.


Like most red-blooded American males who saved up to buy their first car and spent significant time either under the hood or under the rocker panels, I fancy myself a good driver. While that fact can be debated from one end of Interstate 80 to the other, I am fairly confident I am a more law-abiding driver than most in that category. I have the same predilection for speed as most of us, but I like to think it is tempered by a respect for the other rules of the road.  I don’t roll through stops. I’m well acquainted with my turn signal stalk. And I don’t weave through freeway traffic. It’s a different story on city streets, but that environment seems to attract a number of drivers who seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to drive seven miles an hour while they look for the CVS store they are sure must be around somewhere or more laughably, the parking lot for the Starbucks on the corner. (Hint: Unless it’s attached to a Wells Fargo or a Safeway, there are no Starbucks with parking lots in San Francisco.)

So the theme is – well, the exercise didn’t give me a nice little blurb I can plop into this space. I could probably come up with one if I weren’t watching the 49ers play the Redskins in the 1989 NFC Championship game, courtesy of a digitally ripped-to-mp4 videotape. But hey, this is day one. There’s plenty of time to focus tomorrow. For now, expect variations on the theme. And it’s not just driving cars: I also ride motorcycles, bicycles and I’m a runner. I used to give walking tours in this burg also, so my observations from the street come in many different forms. That includes MUNI and BART. I am among the very select group of San Franciscans who can take advantage of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system to commute to and from my job within the city limits using my key to the City, the MUNI Fast Pass with no extra charge.

Actually, I need to modify that. The MUNI Fast Pass is no more, having been replaced by the almost all-encompassing Clipper Card. More on that another day.

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